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Fourth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

Three Bishops - One Mega Church Service By Evangelist Conita Jones








At the invitation of Bishop McKinney, Bishop White arrived in San Diego.  Due to a schedule conflict, Bishop McKinney extended an invitation to Pastor McCaleb to host Bishop White at the Sunday Evening New Beginnings Worship Service. Pastor McCaleb gladly accepted.After preaching earlier at Revival Time Church of God in Christ, Bishop White arrived at New Beginnings to a growing crowd of members and visitors.  Following an uplifting praise and worship period and several customary events, Bishop White took the podium. Amid a full house of congregants Bishop White, a tall, thunderous-voiced, humble man of God preached the Gospel.


Sometimes comical but always within the framework of the scripture, he expounded upon the Word; reminding the saints that holiness is right.  He encouraged those who had been survivors of cancer, car accidents, and burning homes to stand up, look around and see other survivors of the same tragic event and then embrace the fact that God loved them and had preserved them.  There was weeping, jumping and dance praising in response. Many of the people stood throughout his sermon in recognition to the truthfulness of the words that poured from the mouth of the man of God.


He shared his testimony of healing from heart condition and other life-threatening illness that landed him in the hospital for an extended stay at which time he stated that he was reminded of God's greatness and his need for Him.  He spoke briefly about the healing of his spouse from cancer. Bishop White of Atlanta, GA, is the Senior Pastor of Gospel Temple COGIC in Fayetteville, Georgia. He is an icon in the Church of God in Christ Music Department of the 500,000 strong Church of God in Christ, and a national recording.

Three great leaders in the Church of God in Christ; Bishop Roy Dixon, Prelate of the Southern California Fourth Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction; Bishop George D. McKinney, Senior Pastor of St. Stephen’s Cathedral Church of God in Christ, Prelate of the Southern California Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction and General Board Member; and Bishop Richard ‘Mr. Clean’ White of Atlanta, GA, were together in the pulpit of New Beginnings Church of God in Christ.  New Beginnings Church of God in Christ is under the leadership of Superintendent Johnny L. McCaleb.

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